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Burger & Lobster Teams Up with Crosstown: Introducing the Limited-Edition Doughnut Burger!

Get ready for a taste sensation like no other! Burger & Lobster, known for their mouthwatering creations, is teaming up with the premium doughnut aficionados at Crosstown to present an extraordinary limited-time culinary adventure. Starting on October 25th, 2023, prepare your taste buds for a daring question: can doughnuts and burgers coexist on the same plate?

The star of this unique collaboration is the limited-edition "Doughnut Burger." This scrumptious delight features Crosstown's signature classic sourdough doughnuts, and it's about to redefine your perception of burger brilliance. The Doughnut Burger is a culinary masterpiece that combines the savoury and the sweet in perfect harmony.